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Anthony Paterno Air Duct Cleaning serves Bucks County PA and nearby New Jersey counties and is a licensed and experienced air duct cleaning service provider with more than 30 years experience. A commercial duct cleaning specialist, the company is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and is certified as a cleaning specialist, mold specialist and ventilation inspector. Anthony Paterno Air Duct Cleaning is skilled at providing air duct cleaning services at large companies such as factories and hospitals and can help solve cleaning problems. Utilizing the strongest and finest equipment, Anthony Paterno Air Duct Cleaning cleans, washes and reassembles vent registers along with motors, filters and coils. The company can serve as dust collectors and clean coils, evaporators and condensing units. The company also has the proper equipment to clean pipes and high beams. Indoor air quality has become an important occupational health and safety issue. Having your air ducts cleaned by professionals can help eliminate indoor air contaminants and possible health-related issues. Additional services offered by Anthony Paterno Air Duct Cleaning include dust removal and coil cleaning for your home or business. Contact Anthony Paterno Air Duct Cleaning today for a free estimate and find out how economical it can be to protect your environment.

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