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Now is a great time to get solar and for that you need a trusted solar panel installer for solar installation, solar panel installation in Bucks County PA. Kiss Electric, servicing Bucks County, PA and the surrounding PA, NJ, and DE areas, has 15 years of industrial, commercial, and residential electrical experience and are leading the way for solar panel installation throughout the region. Certified by the state of Pennsylvania, Kiss Electric has solar systems that can easily be installed for residential and commercial clients. With high energy costs, dependence on foreign oil and environmental pollution concerns, the time really has come to go solar.  With generous state incentives and federal tax credits, going solar makes economic sense now more than ever. Kiss Electric provides quality service at competitive prices! Kiss Electric’s services do not stop here. With Solar Installation from Solar by KISS you can stop giving your money to utility companies and start investing it into your home. For solar installers for solar installation or solar panel installation in Bucks County PA see Solar by Kiss from Kiss Electric!

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